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About ProfilService

ProfilService A/S was founded in 1992 as a joint-stock company. Since 2008 Per Nielsen has owned,  operated and developed ProfilService. In 2014 Per Nielsen and Steen Meedom have partnered to lead and develop ProfilService A/S.

The company employs approximately 250 skilled people working primarily within the areas of cleaning and window polishing.

ProfilService has an active network and is a member of RSBA, the Danish Chamber of Commerce and several trade associations. Furthermore, the company holds a Green Smiley.

ProfilService – Geographically:
At ProfilService we work with a focus on developing and maintaining an organization as broad, flexible and professional as possible. We decided in the year 2008 to divide the organization geographically into 4 divisions as following:

• Division Copenhagen
• Division Greater Copenhagen
• Division Zealand
• Division Jutland

Each division has its own Manager, who has a number of Inspectors in the team. With the division structure mentioned above ProfilService covers the entire Zealand, and in Jutland we operate from Århus to Djursland. At the moment we have no activities on Fyn.

ProfilService – The organization:
We consider the organizational structure of ProfilService A/S as a goal in itself – to be simple and flat. We emphasize having a simple command and communication structure in everything we do.

ProfilService A/S

Quality cleaning

At ProfilService we are focused on quality. We do our utmost to deliver our best work to our customers – every day. This is only possible because of our talented employees, who provide their very best to meet your specific cleaning needs.

Quality cleaning means several things to us; it means that all our employees receive education and instruction on a regular basis in how to use the most optimal methods, products and materials. Furthermore, each Service Team is composed so that it has the skills to fill your company’s cleaning needs.

Quality also means that we make a point of matching customer expectations, and therefore we always have a constructive and honest dialogue before, during and after the work is done – and this gives quality cleaning.

Are you interested in learning more, or perhaps arrange a free meeting?

Then contact Birgitte Hald on telephone +45 60 21 67 02.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Employee policy

At ProfilService we emphasize, that our customers receive cleaning services by motivated and trained employees. Therefore, we mainly hire people who has an appropriate training. Furthermore, all our employees participate continually in various cleaning related courses – they take place both in the form of internal courses, and in collaboration with external training providers, including our Employers’ Association.

At the beginning of the employment, all our employees receive a thorough introduction to ProfilService A/S along with a description of our expectations concerning customer service. Our employees receive instructions in everything from an explanation of the customer contact book and relevant key- and alarm procedures to the handling of the daily dialogue with the customer.

ProfilService work from a high standard of morals and ethics. Therefore, all our employees must show their criminal record on recruitment, and thereafter once a year. Our employees always wear ProfilService uniforms and identification, so that our customers can easily identify us. In addition, all receive a first aid course.

An active part of the company

We work actively on that, all employees feel as a part of the company. For example, 4 times a year we organize staff events, where we inform about the company, present new cleaning products and -methods and report on the status, customers and economy of the company.

At ProfilService we work from our Working Environment Handbook. We constantly adjust and update our work plans, cleaning methods, products and materials. We consult regularly our employees in this optimization.

It is our experience that employees hereby become more interested in the cleaning job, and we can proudly see this from the fact that, ProfilService has a very low job rotation.

A good work environment for all our employees

At ProfilService we want to create a good work environment in the entire organization. We believe, that a good work environment makes healthy, more involved and content employees. It means a lot to us, that our employees are happy and thrive both in and outside the workplace.

We respect the Health and Safety at Work Legislation, and work actively on maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees. This also means making sure that everyone gets the tasks that we believe they are equipped to handle, and that they continually receive courses and instructions in the individual functions, so that the tasks are solved in the best way.

Our Managers spend a lot of time on instruction, education and training of all employees, for example in the use of cleaning products, -methods, proper posture etc. This means, that at ProfilService we are constantly working with the most optimal products, methods and materials.

Furthermore, once a year we hold a Health and Safety-day for all our Managers. On this day, we set new goals and focus points for the work in the Health and Safety Organization in the year to come, because we want to ensure that ProfilService A/S is an attractive, healthy and safe workplace.