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Window cleaning

ProfilService A/S offer all types of window cleaning – we take care of both the continuous window cleaning, and the big window cleaning.

Our employees are educated, organized and professional window cleaners, who have years of experience. They work with a focus on quality, and always leave your windows polished so it can be seen.

We take care of both small and large tasks, and we have customers in both the private and public sectors, which includes:

  • Companies and offices
  • Hotel- and restaurant industry
  • State and local government (including town halls, schools, nursing homes and institutions)
  • Shops and supermarkets
  • Cleaning after builders and new construction
  • Air ports, museums and army barracks

ProfilService always uses the most optimal methods, products and materials, and we emphasize safety, which is why we always handle each window cleaning task in strict accordance with the current safety rules from the Working Environment Authority.
Would you like a non-binding suggestion on how we can help your company? We will gladly put a window cleaning package together, which covers your specific window cleaning needs.

Contact Steen Meedom on telephone +45 28 87 06 06.

Effective window cleaning

At ProfilService we do our best to deliver good work – every day. This is only possible because of our skilled and dedicated employees with many years of experience in window cleaning.

All of our employees receive continuous education and instruction in how to use the best methods, products and materials. Furthermore, each Service Team is composed so that it has the exact skills to meet your company’s polishing needs. We cover a wide range of window cleaning solutions, and have the basis to handle all types of tasks.

We make a great deal out of matching our customers’ expectations, and therefore, we always have a constructive and honest dialogue before, during and after the work is done – this guarantees quality window polishing.

Are you interested in learning more or perhaps arrange a meeting without obligation?

Contact Steen Meedom on telephone +45 28 87 06 06.

We look forward to hearing from you!